The project

European project aimed at engaging youth 

REAL HEROES is a EU-funded project across creative and cultural boundaries focused on developing a cross-platform mixed reality storytelling model to engage youngsters in science, art and society. It aims at inspiring them to think boldly and pursue opportunities in life, education and career. By engaging the audience in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and stories beyond their daily reach, REAL HEROES aims to encourage deeper understanding, better learning and creative thinking.

Immersive media in storytelling 

REAL HEROES will be tested as a mixed reality installation at different European youth film festivals. It will include two parts: a waiting area with AR experiences showing the art and inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci and a VR experience that allows them to become Leonardo Da Vinci in person. The interactive online format will be launched online and a blueprint of the used tooling will be shared to expand the storytelling experience and maximise audience reach and interaction with other partners, countries and sectors. 

Collaboration across countries

REAL HEROES merges the skills, insights and ambitions of a public broadcaster, film festivals, interaction design, experts in youth (movie) literacy and heritage research in a joint effort to create an inspiring interactive and immersive story across different platforms.